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Explore our private sessions below for individualized instruction, or email to arrange a duet, trio, or small group session - perfect for sharing the Pilates experience with your partner or friends.

What to expect.

Our private Pilates sessions offer personalized attention and guidance, tailored to your unique needs and goals. Using the Pilates Tower Reformer Combo, you'll enjoy increased flexibility, improved posture, and enhanced core strength. Chrissy's expertise ensures a safe and effective workout, helping you achieve your fitness objectives while fostering a deeper mind-body connection. Elevate your Pilates practice with Chrissy's private sessions and discover a stronger, more balanced you.

  • 5 Private Pack

    $87 each / $15 SAVINGS
    Valid for one year
  • 10 Private Pack

    $85 each / $50 SAVINGS
    Valid for one year
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